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Flutter Course

Learn mobile app development using Flutter. Flutter is a mobile application development platform dev...

16 Lectures
32 Hours
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By Begaiym Kudainazarova
In Class


KaibaCode offers several robotics classes featuring robots that are manipulated via remote control....

10 Lectures
14 Hours
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By Zhela Rashid
In Class

Introduction to Python

Through this course, your child will learn how useful Python is for almost anything code related. Fr...

20 Lectures
20 Hours
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Welcome to KaibaCode

KaibaCode is an educational company that offers kids many different courses from coding, robotics, animations to problem solving, stories interactive games and others. We provide both online and lab classes for kids from the age of (8 - 17) to give them the best coding and robotics experience. We offer 6 different plans (weekly, monthly, annually, summer camp, winter camp, sibling programs) with providing latest robotic equipment’s.


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Introduction to Python

Through this course, your child will learn how to write their first code using python.

From game developmen...

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Why is coding important?

Most of our world functions online now — the world simply wouldn't work without code. And learning how to code means...

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What is coding?

Code is the language of the 21st century. It’s what tells our computers, apps, websites, software, and products what...

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