About Us

Who We Are

A group of software engineers and instructors who has more than 10 years experience working with software applications including web, mobile and desktop. We seek to transfer our knowledge to the next generation and teach them how to code from their early stages in life.

  • Industry experience who built real life applications
  • Experience of teaching in Iraq and United States of America
  • Eager to teach kids how to code and help them discover their talents
  • Able to write code in multiple programming languages

What We Offer

We offer online and in class coding courses for students to learn programming from basic to enterprise level. In addition we teach them how to program robots.

High Quality Coding Courses

We stick with programming and coding standards and ensure that our students get up to date programming knowledge

Enjoyable And Interactive Sessions

We try to make our classes as enjoyable as possbile. Besides that we aim to make it interactive so that the students have active participation in classes

Unique Features

Robotic Course

We teach our students how to code robots and interact with real robotic hardware

Creative Ideas

Helping students bring their ideas to real life through coding.

Clean Code

Teach them how to write clean, readable code

Interactive Classes

We always encourage our students to actively participate in the classes

Cutting Edge Technology

Our courses are derived from latest techonology of coding and robotics

Conduct Extensive Reviews

We make sure that our instructors deliver the courses in the best way possible

The Executive Team

Zhela Rashid

Founder & CEO

Coding increases creativity, problem-solving and communication skills. The sooner we learn it, the better it is.

Rebaz Saber Saleh


Robots will facilitate alot of tasks for us in the future. Lets learn how to communicate with them.

What People Say About Us